I’m Molly, a painter from the hills of West Virginia.  I’ve been making public murals and organizing community projects for a number of years, though at the moment I’m taking a break from large-scale work.  At present I”m enjoying playing around with collage. I hope to have some work for sale on this site, soon..

here are a few articles about me & my most recent project, Triangle Park mural:

http://www.citizen-times.com/article/20130505/LIVING/305050059/    (this on is annoying because apparently you can only read the whole thing if you pay to look at their archive.  hate it.)




9 responses to “ABOUT

  1. Great format!!

  2. Miss Molly…you are fantastic!!!!!!

  3. Molly ! Its Sita here.. CONGRATULATIONS on your ART !! What fabulous, wonderful, awesome, incredible, loving WORK ! WOW and WOW and Yay !! Blessings always ~

  4. Wow! What wonderful artwork. Our compliments. Dan Gooding, Huntington/Lewisburg, WV

  5. Janet Ripper Chambers

    Your work is fantastic! Ian Bode gave me your name. I painting a pier next to Ian and he thought you had some helpful ideas. I am from Winfield, W.V. but travel into Charleston
    everyday to work. Love your style, beautiful.
    Janet Ripper Chambers

  6. beautiful art work! molly. a visual artist myself i find your work inspiring. also, sent you a request on facebook. victor sweatt

  7. Hi Molla, love your work! Have a lot of family from the Huntington / Charleston area. More people need to see and be inspired by what you’re doing. Get a hold of me.

  8. Hi Molly –

    I am a huge fan of yours – and I have a little beekeeping blog called ‘Herban Honey’ – http://herbanhoney.com/ – a play of of the urban gardening I do, the women beekeepers I know – and the herbs we all grow to keep our pollinators happy. I would love to use a portion of you beekeeper in my blog header and want to know if you would grant permission – please advise – thank you!

    All my best,

  9. http://www.everywritersresource.com/poemeveryday/vision-by-renee-elton/

    My poem published today, with photo of me in front of your wall. I just found your website! You are a fabulous artist!

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